Who wants to last a week? Challenge

@Bluebasaur and @mystery69 welcome.

Answer my 2 questions to begin.

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Q1: The first time I switched from trot to canter

Q2: I like reading books then watching the movie and complain how they missed out on so much

The first time I held my girlfriends hand. Or the second. Just basically holding her hand

The book, because books are more detailed and interesting.

The best thing i experienced was getting ago all toned up muscles after 3 months of workout… becoming the guy who can’t even do a single push ups…now doing 40 to 50 in just one go.and getting all wet in sweat in beast mode.
And the same i want to feel each day…

Books…it more precise and deep.

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I completely forgot about this challenge, and have also immediately failed :slight_smile:
Win for me please

A Relapse does not disqualify you

How long did you last before your relapse?

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Ah in that case I will answer the questions:

Question 1: What is the most exciting thing you ever experienced?
I once built a game which a friend used to play with another group within the first week of building it. That was pretty nice haha, and probably my most successful project.

Question 2: If you had the choice to read a story or watch the movie version which would you pick and why?
Watch the movie, because it takes less time. Kindof a lame reason, but the time aspect is the reason I do not read lots of books.

How long did you last before your relapse?
Only a day :expressionless:


This challenge began today at 8 am.

At what hour today did you relapse?

By the way, i dont consider your answer on question 2 lame. It is a personal choice. Sure reading the book is always considered more of an intellectual choice, but i would watch the movie too over reading.

Remember, the questions i ask are to be used as a way to distract your mind to help prevent relapse.


Question 1:

  • To be honest, I am really not sure. I have a bad memory, so I can’t recall anything at the moment. Something I enjoyed doing recently was helping the crew on the highschool musical. I guess I just liked to help with it and be a part of it.

Question 2:

  • I would say book. Though movies are quite good, the books tend to be better.

1 day down but for me I’m left with 2 days before 7 days💪

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@neolithic are you asking to join?

@mystery69 (12 hours)

@mac333 (12hours)

@ChristianMan (12 hours)

@freeishava (12 hours)

@walnut2141 (12 hours)



Once a day, i will create a thread like this.


Day 2 of the challenge.

Question 1: If you were on a football team and had the choice to be the goaly, the quarterback, or the receiver which would you be?

Question 2: If you could time travel to any era past or future where would you go and would you change anything in the past that alters the present?


Firstly…I already relapsed :man_facepalming:t3:. So I don’t know if that takes me out of the challenge, but I’ll just answer the questions anyway.

Q 1:
Probably goaly, because though I don’t know much about sports, it seems like the goaly would have a lot less running and strategy to plan out.

Q 2:
Possibly the future to see how advanced things get, but probably about 100 years in the past to see my ancestors settle and start up the family farm that is still running. And, nah, I don’t want to deal with the possibility catastrophic repercussions of mettling with the past :smile:.


ANs 1 I would ike to be the goal keeper
Ans 2 I would like to witness the Mahabharat(said to happen about 5000 yrs ago) and know if it really happened.

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Hey @Vortexkicker
Can I join too?

I don’t know much about football. I guess I would be the receiver because I can catch a football pretty well.

I’d probably talk to a few Biblical figures. I’d definitely go back and talk to Jesus. And I would not change anything, because that would be messing with God’s plan for me.

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@walnut2141, relapses DO NOT remove you.

Just tell me WHEN you relapsed. Very important.

@erenyaeger, you may join. Just let me know if you relapsed any time after 8am yesterday March 27th.

I did relapse just a while ago bro
Going a day clean has gotten so hard for me at the moment

It was 4-5 hours ago, just before I commented (about 8:30 AM CDT for me)