Who wants to last a week? Challenge

Since I started this addiction, I have never lasted a week.

Starting Sunday next week, I want to get 4 people that have difficulty like me to reach a week.

The goal to success is to have other things on the mind.

I will provide 2 daily questions to help keep our minds busy with other things.

Relapses, A Relapse puts you back to zero, but at the end of the week, we calculate the your total time to see how close to 7 days we reach.

Challenge starts Sunday March 27th and ends April 2.


Meeeeee… I’m struggling pretty bad rn… I’d like to get to a week


I am one day away from a week myself (for the first time) and I just wanted to mention what I am learning for anyone else who is struggling:

First, try to find a different activity to do. During the times I normally might relapse, I have been exercising. I had never really liked exercising, but I found that exercising outside with things like running, sqwats, lifting logs or rocks and things like that feel more natural to me and is actually something I like to do now. If you never liked exercising you could try doing it in your own way. Yet you don’t have to exercise. There are so many other distracting activities you can take up. If you haven’t tried one, I urge you to try it. And if you have, try something again.

The other thing is, be aware of when you get urges or commonly relapse and what triggers them. When these things happen (if they are unavoidable like going to sleep or something) then make sure you are prepared, think ahead. When the urges come, be already prepared to mentally fight back those thoughts. Don’t let the evil win. You DO have that power. Harness it. Use it. Push back the urge. ← Think that to yourself as you fight them off.

Finally: You CAN do it. You may slip up (don’t we slip up at everything every once and awhile?), but you DO have the ability and the power to fight back. YOU CAN DO IT…now you need to believe that yourself…


I will be join…uhhh on 27 march.

Why not right now? Why wait hmmm?

He saying 27 march…soo​:joy::joy: i am redy to join now.

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Oh my bad. I just didn’t care to check. :rofl::rofl:


:joy::joy::joy::joy: we will join from today then.


I cant get over a week also
In for this challenge

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And myself Vortexkicker.

Ok guys. We start Sunday. Clock will begin at 8 AM.

I will ask my first 2 questions Sunday Morning.


I am down for the challenge also


Yeah :fire::fire::fire:‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎

You have been included.

I dont know if you are all on the same time zone or not, but for me, March 27th is an hour an half away.

Add in another 8 hours and the challenge will begin.

I will post my first 2 questions then.

I wanted you guys to post when you relapse so i can update your scores.

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sorry bro already relapsed today morning
stay strong others

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Right now it is 8 10 A.M.

Challenge has begun.

@DARSHAN2017, hey its ok. Never be sorry. I’m not going to hold that against you since we are just beginning.

For everyone: when you relapse tell me Your days and hours. Minutes and seconds can be ignored.

@DARSHAN2017, Consider this beginning of a new round for yourself.

Ok, so on to the questions.

Answer both questions if you can in the same comment.

Question 1: What is the most exciting thing you ever experienced?

Question 2: If you had the choice to read a story or watch the movie version which would you pick and why?

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Im in count me down…im ready for this great cause…



Welcome to my 1 week Challenge.

Answer my 2 questions and remember if you relapsed any time during the week mention the number of day and hours. If only hours, thats ok. Mention them anyway.

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count me in. :upside_down_face:, this time i want to crush it too been stuck in this shit hole for a while now. :smiling_face_with_tear: went upto 4 days on my previous streak.

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I want in too you guys. Winning. Tiger blood.

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