Who wants to be my companion

I just figured out that I haven’t added any companions in a really long time. During the last months I met so many amazing people here but never added them.
I’m currently going for my next huge push. I’m ready to give my addiction the final blow and I need you guys for that.

So, everyone who is already following me or wants to please share your code. I rebuild my whole companion list. So, even if you think that I’ve surely already added you, please repeat your code here

Sharing code - 360e4e*

Current steak - 0 days *
Highest steak - 40 days *
Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - CH

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Lets do this. We have quite similar streaks. Lets push through this together, mate! My motivation is to keep you going no matter what! Feeling like failure? Failing doesnt make a failure! We got this man this time!

J U S T D O N T Q U I T!

Added you. Let’s kill these monsters!

7d4ebb heres my code

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thanks, could you add your sharing code too :relaxed:

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