Who has the longest streak?

I have been wondering since I joined here.

Who has the current longest streak? Or,
Who made the longest streak?

I was recently curious about the people who reached at least a year of no PMO. Those who reached those heights would be those with dedication for self-improvement, assuming they are honest.

Isolating only in this community, but I understand, not all records are real. Probably just left the app on their devices and leave it alone, forgetting they even joined the community.

But, I assume based on the thousands of members here, there are a lot who are honest and dedicated to their own improvement and the community.

So who has the longest streak?

I just saw in the badge holders on the badge with 999 days. I apologize though do not know its title, but I know that this person has already passed the 3 years of No PMO mark which is ASTONISHING.

Joined the community a few months ago but made into the forum just recently, those who got at least a 3 month streak would already make me react in awe but 999 DAYS!?


I have to give my respect to those who maintained their sincerity to their streak despite if it just for hours, days, weeks, months, or even years.

To the person who hold this record, I salute you! Your streak is enough to motivate me to prolonge my own. I have no confidence in reaching your streak yet because I am still young but I am confident I can break my personal streak just seeing and getting inspired by yours.

Thank you community! Hope to be more active here in the future.


At the moment I have a streak of 245 days, but there is a user who lived without PMO for 1000+ days but then broke


I am currently talking to that user on Telegram.

He has been trying to help me.

Yet, my success is barely much at all.

I am very unlucky in life. Success and women always flee from me. Never had a relationship with a woman.

Heard nofap was to fix something for that.

Well, unless it happens to me, i don’t believe in the benefits.

Sorry for the depressing message.


I feel you bro, I really do. But for the countless problems we have, we should be focusing those that are important and those we are capable of fixing. Success and women should come after we have fixed ourselves and improved our self-esteem, confidence, and mentality.

Let’s do our best to focus on self-improvement! You are not alone and we will get through this.:muscle::muscle::muscle:


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