Who has the highest streak here in this community?

Just asking , that particular guy can be my role model :joy::trophy:


Legija reached 428 days today.

P. S.
But there is a person who reached at lest 848 days, judging by badges.


Well :

  1. That person probably forgot about the app haha
  2. if it’s easy mode, it’s bearable if he/she has a partner. Do you imagine someone not having any sexual activity for more than two years? :sweat_smile:

Nofappers can have sex right?.. :hugs:

Yeah you can if you are on “easy mode” (it means that you allow yourself to have sex). On “hard mode”, you can’t.

Having sex increases your testosterone and confidence though. And it’s sex. Hard mode doesnt seem like something people usually enjoy to do for a long time. I don’t want to be celibate after all.

I really don’t like calling it easy mode because it’s fucking damn hard too.
In my opinion hard mode is fine if you don’t have a partner or for something like a reboot. (30 days or so)
But I don’t wanna have a life without sex and also it doesn’t make sense to not have sex.

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I am doing nofap for rebooting purposes and i’ve heard that you need 90 days hard mode to reboot, which is so depressing, considering how long 3 months are…

You’re right about this! A life without sex is nonsense…

hmmm, i heard that so often. that after 90 days you have rebooted your brain.
i’m not sure if this is how it works. what if there is a deeper problem why you are drawn to ■■■■ (which often is)?

it would be great if there is someone in this forum who did the 90 days and could share some experience with us.

since i can’t tell you if it works or not i can only wish you all the best and a lot of strength. i hope i can ask you in 90 days how you feel :slight_smile:

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Check reddit.com/r/nofap for success stories

How to flag post? @ReloadingSacks

Yess I will now check their stories

Yup they can have it