Who has crossed 180?


Who has crossed 180 days? Please reply.

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Nice profile pic. My favourite superhero. Reminded me of my childhood.
The intro song of shaktimaan pumps my soul… very motivational & deep song.

Well some guys i know who have crossed 180 … they are @BruceLee @nagate


Yes, he was a No fapper :smile: The title song is very nice. I think that listening to it can destroy even strong urges.

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I did 4years but relapsed in Feb. Just done a month now and going well. When your streak hits years you can’t imagine relapsing!


Wow, but why did you relapse after four years? Was it due to curiosity? Do you still need the app? Were you doing actual sex in those four years?


I had some bad health and must have lost the plot for a bit. Now I use P about once a month but feel crap afterwards.
In those four years I had the best sex ever and still do but it took about 1 year of nofap to get to that point.
I use the app now as it’s very easy to slip back into regular use and that’s bad. In fact I wish p didn’t exist.
A big key to unlocking nofap is to find a woman you love and find attractive, then you have a reason and nofap actually can become easy.
I think some people on nofap make the mistake of abstaining from real sex which defeats the object of nofap as when you’re off the porn, sex becomes amazing,which is the whole point.


I have passed 250 days recently. I would not say relapsing is impossible, staying on the way still needs a conscious decision every now and then, but it is a lot easier than say under 30 or even 100 days. I don’t use the app as regularly as in the past, just checking the situation maybe once a week or every five or ten days.


Here in 2 days I will mark one year of nofap infact


Wassup colder nice to see you


It’s fine. There has been new possibilities in life since overcoming the problem of pmo, however, it seems there’s so many ways I could still improve.


Nope. I just relapsed after 90 days of nofap, but it wasn’t with porn, (in mind), which i know this whole community is mainly hard mode, no nothing but I’m not in full agreement. This has helped me really keep the porn in check which was the main reason for me being here and I’m resetting my counter.

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