Who can create chellenge?

I have question that i searched a lot on Google but i did not get an answer.

How to get the option for creating a chellenge like (Entries Open for Chellenge) (Entries Closed)

Are they have special rights for creating chellenge?
Or are they app owner or admin?

How they create chellenge in this app? I searched a lot for the Chellenge option but i didn’t find.

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I think anyone can, or you need to be a regular I don’t know, but I am having a challenge option in the categories (like you chose need advice)


Just like you created this post, you can create a challenge too. And where you putted need advice, you can go for challenge.

And think what your challenge is going to be about (like nofap challenge, meditation etc.), be creative and interested people will join your challenge.

There’s not any bot, you have to type it yourself in the title section. Anyone can create a challenge ,there’s no restriction that only app owner and admin can create a challenge.


oh thanks alot…

I find it.
but there was not an option of chellenge.

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thank You

i got the option :relaxed:

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