Who all wish you could have started no fap earlier

Guys, tell me who all wish that you could have started nofap earlier and at what age.

And also just predict how your life had been now…if you have followed nofap at an earlier age

Add me as your companion and guide me brothers.

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Who wouldn’t wish, that they hadn’t started nofap earlier ?!

But that won’t send us back, so that we can stop ourselves from watching porn or jerking off at that time.

What we should do now is, to take advantage of the blessing that our Lord has given us, that is becoming aware of our addiction and nofap.


Thats good friend…just share your experiences how your life would have been changed if you have started nofap earlier…

This would be motivation for those who had started it at an young age…

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To be honest, I don’t.
Imagine that you stopped fapping at a point where it would have been no problem to quit. Or imagine you never even started. You would never have had the need to think about certain problems.
This addiction points out again and again misconceptions of my mind. It teaches me to listen to my needs and to be mindful to what I’m doing.

What would a live be without challenges? What kind of person would you be without challenges?
I think life would be boring and you would be a boring person. If you never had the need to change, you would also in future not be possible to adapt to new situations


Today we all are regretting that we should have started 100 days back . But even if you start today , After 100 days , you will thank yourself that you started today