White hair found

I found a single white hair yesterday :sweat::sweat::sweat:. I m just 19 and white hair :sweat:. Is it because of fapping or lack of nutrients from food intake?

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Can be either of those things or maybe genetics.
Stress also cause white hair.
Don’t stress over it it’s just a single hair
Just practice Nofap
Drink water and Excercise.:+1:


Buddy my white hair got reduced for doing no fap of 52 days…
White hair is due to lack of vitamins or stress of genetic…

Eat good diet don’t smoke


I also find some white hair because of some tradegy. Still i am not sad, i feel like Goku MUI or kakashi or Kaneki :joy: white hairs…

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Try Onion juice apply on scalp and hair and then rinse using very minimal shampoo if possible use organic shampoo do this once or twice every month and continue with NO FAP try and eat healthy as much possible

And don’t stress on your hair what happens to your hair is also little bit genetic and you have limited control over it but what you have control over is your physical body start working out if your physic is good you’ll look good in black hair ,white hair or even no hair it doesn’t mater