Which Zodiac sign is the best? Challenge started ( Entries always open to anyone) 29 participants, 12 Zodiac signs , 5 rounds, 3 health bars and 1 winner

Which zodiac sign is the best?

The challenge consists of 5 rounds. Unlike other challenges, its not about who survives the challenge but who wins the challenge. At the end of this challenge, the medals are provided ( Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be provided to those zodiac signs which have maximum no of points. The medals are also provided to individual participants based on his/ her performance. This is a 90 Day challenge with each round lasting 18 days. So it is as follows. Also please check your Scoreboard at post 59

General instruction ( Applicable to all rounds)

1: If you have relapsed 3 times, you are out of this challenge
2: Your success in this challenge is depended on how well you check in daily ( Will be explained later)
3: If you are inactive for 7 days, you are out of this challenge.
4: If you have relapsed, don’t start from Day 1, let the days move in Ascending order

Round 1 - Training up ( Day 1 -18)

Every war requires a huge training. In this challenge you have to check in daily without relapse for 18 days. Its not a regular checking in. Points will be given on the basis of how well you check in daily. It is as follows.

1: Stage 1 ( No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no binge watching sexualized images of opposite gender , Didn’t type adult content , Don’t turned on incognito tab) - 6 points ( Not considered relapse)

2: Stage 2 ( No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no binge watching sexualized images of opposite gender , Didn’t type adult content but turned on incognito tab) - 5 points ( Not considered relapse)

3: Stage 3 ( No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm , but binge watched sexualized images of opposite gender and typed adult content in incognito tab ) - 4 points ( Not considered relapse)

4: Stage 4 ( Sex) - 4 points ( Not considered relapse)

5: Stage 5 ( Triggering content and orgasm) - 3 points ( considered relapse)

6: Stage 6 (Masturbation) - 2 points ( considered relapse)

7: Stage 7 ( Only Porn) - 0 points ( considered relapse). Edging also belongs to this stage.

8: Stage 8 ( Porn and Orgasm) - minus 1 point ( considered relapse)

9: Stage 9 ( Porn and edging) - minus 2 point ( Considered relapse)

10: Stage 10 ( Full PMO) - minus 3 points ( Considered relapse)

11: Stage Unknown ( Not checking in ) - 0 points ( Not considered relapse)

So this is the rule for the first challenge. So if you are checking in check in as follows:

Day 1 , Stage 6.

Don’t tell me that you have relapsed, just tell me your stage and I can understand from it. In the end, points are counted at the end of Round 1.

Round 2 - The bet (Day 19 - 36)

This round is same as round 1 but with the provision that you can bet others to get some extra points. There are 3 types of bet

Note : Betting responses will only be received on the 18th Day. No further responses will be promoted

1: Betting others ( Most dangerous and most rewarding)

In Betting others, one of the challenger may bet another challenger that he/ she will be surviving the next 18 days. For example if @prothekter_aden bets @pingpong1 that he will be surviving 18 days, then it creates a challenge to both the participants. If anyone failed , the winner will get 100 points and the loser will lose 100 points. Along with it, regular points are also provided for daily check in like Round 1. If both of them wins, both are awarded with 100 points. The loser if not relapsed 3 times, can continue the challenge like Round 1 for next 18 days. However you cannot challenge more than 1 person.

2: Betting Yourself

Here you are betting yourself that if you will be able to overcome 18 days. If you succeed you will gain 50 points and if you fail, you will lose 50 points. The loser if not relapsed 3 times, can continue the challenge like Round 1 for next 18 days. However you cannot challenge yourself 2 times.

3: No Bet at all ( Safest and least rewarding one)

If you are not interested in Betting then you may continue your challenge as Round 1.

Round 3 - The Zodiac War (Day 37 - 54)

Here the zodiac signs will be fighting with each other in terms of No Fap. Here I will be deciding which zodiac signs will be competing each other. For example, in a Aries vs Cancer war, each member of Aries will be fighting with each member of cancer. 180 points are awarded this round. If any one of Aries team relapsed, the points that each member of cancer team will be getting is by the formula:

Points gained by each member of cancer = ((No. of participants in Aries) / ( No of participants in Cancer)) * 100

Don’t worry about this, I will be doing it for you. It will be continued for next 18 days.

Round 4 - Which one is most disciplined? ( Day 55 -72)

In this round, your points are not only depended on your No fap streak but also depended upon your disciplined lifestyle. Here all you have to do is to check in and at the same time update your habits every single day. The points provided for the habit is on the basis of the You Tube channel " Improvement Pill". Please watch this video below

S tier habit - 5 points
A tier habit - 4 points
B tier habit - 3 points
Not really a habit - 2 points

The points are added accordingly.
The points are multiplied based on how many hours you have worked for each habit given by formula

Points gained = ( Base tier habit ) * ( no of hours)

Round 5 - The strongest weapon ( Day 73 - 90)

This round is similar to Round 3 but you will not be fighting other zodiac signs based on No Fap but with your strongest habit , that is the habit that you are most consistent. Here every participant have to tell their strongest habit at the end of Round 4(Day 72). Inactivity will make me think that No fap is your strongest habit. Here 500 points are awarded this round. For example in battle between Aries and Cancer, if @pingpong1( Aries) says that working out 1 hour is his strongest habit and @prothekter_aden says that reading 1 hour is his strongest habit , and if accidently @prothekter_aden fails this time.

Points gained by @pingpong1 = ((no of participants in Cancer/ aries)) * (( Points gained by strongest habit of Aries/Cancer)) * 500

Don’t worry about it. I will be doing it for you. These days also you must check in like Round 1 and 4

The Conclusion

The average points of each Zodiac sign is calculated and medals are given accordingly. The participant with max number of points are also given. ALL THE BEST FIGHTERS


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