Which day you find the hardest?

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I am on day 9. It is becoming tougher for me to control.

I have relapsed many times on day 7 ( Saturday to Saturday cycle, weekends give more time to think about PMO). Today is also Sunday. A lot of time to get distracted. Just now, I narrowly escaped from masturbating ( was dirty talking with a lady).
I want to fight for as many weeks as I can.

Which day you find the hardest? how do you cope with it?

For me its always, saturday-sunday

It isn’t any specific day of week, but the most difficult day for me is always day one of my streak

It just depends how long you’ve choked the chicken if you’ve done it less times then it should be a little more easier to get past 2 weeks, I’ve noticed when I ultimately used to go in to a binge cycle it would usually be on weekends sometimes when I had a long day, got very tired and took a “powernap” I would be at my most vulnerable to relapse, I got to 22 days my furthest streak since 2016…and now I’m back on Day 11 it feels a lot fairly easier for me to continue on longer.

Saturday is hardest day for me.

The day when I am bored and lazy and want to be alone.

Days 2-4 are the absolute worst. It seems like I start feeling really good about day 7 or 8.