Which are the best p**n blocker apps?

I need help. I want to know which are the best p**n blocker apps for google and internet. Trust me, I’m disperate. And if you could explain me how to use them.

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Best porn blocker is YourBrain. It can block every p*graphic materials, control urges, can make you motivated. It is installed in your system. Just activate it.

And i am not joking. I always work on laptop and i dont have blockers, even in late night study sessions, the urges cannot fool me. It will take some time to control it keep patience.


Ok, than you for your help.

More seriously if your brain is not enough I recommend using a DNS first to soft block porn sites.


Alright. I understand.

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Man, I use Detoxify. It’s an Android, PC and Mac App. You can blacklist some sites/apps and every setting that you configure it’s linked to your account, so it’s reflected in all your devices.
You can set a random password, so that you’re not disabling everytime. If you need that password, they answer emails within 24h.


Probably the easiest one to set up is OpenDNS Family Shield: Setup Guide | OpenDNS

As @StealthChopperinbond has said though:

This is the reality of things. Unless you make it clear to yourself that PMOing is literally self destruction, you will always crave that crap and feel deprived when not doing it. Hence you will always find a way to bypass any blocker. I’ve been there myself. I’ve always found ways around blockers, there’s always a loophole.

In the long run, it’s more effective to remove the desire to consume ■■■■ than removing ■■■■ (but still having the desire in your brain). Read this:

Take care.