Where will my life be if I'm PMO free?

I know it will be completely different than anything I’ve probably felt or experienced before. At least hopefully. Though I feel like I’m a prisoner to it. (To be completely honest I am on day two and counting of my countless try to stay free of it. Went to look at porn but didn’t.) I though am thirty years old and haven’t had a serious relationship or anything in over eight years. It’s clear to me though even with my pmo addiction I still crave human connection over physical intimacy. Not that both aren’t important. I just want a partner more than a lover. I feel like though if I finally conquer PMO I will still be alone and that scares me. I know I’m probably being overly thoughtful but just something that was on my mind I wanted to get off my chest.

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That’s a legitimate fear that you’ve identified, and you’re definitely not alone in feeling that way at least. One thing is for sure, you want to be PMO free before having a relationship with anyone. This addiction is so toxic and corrosive to relationships.

My suggestion would be to make a clear vision of your life without PMO, and include meeting someone in that vision. Make it exciting and personally compelling; a life that you can’t wait to live. Remember that vision whenever each and every urge comes, and with time your anticipation of the vision will be stronger than your fear of being alone.

I’d also add, take consistent action towards self-improvement. Ask yourself what has stopped you from having a committed, long-term relationship in the past and take the steps to getting there. That will help reinforce your vision and confidence that you will surely find someone.

I pray something I’ve said helps. Best of success in your journey my friend.


You should not dewel in ifs & buts
Complete your Reboot of 90 days.
It will rewire you.
Then approach the women you like to have your partner.