Where should I draw the line with edging?

So I’ve jumped onto YouTube and searched up things like butts and boobs and allowed it to load up on the screen but after seeing the pictures I get a grip on myself and close it down immediately. I consider this as edging but at what point is it a relapse? I’ve done this several times all with the same outcome. I know my goal is to stop porn and masturbating for good. So do I count those as relapses even though I’ve immediately closed out of it without watching a video? Do I count it as a relapse because my intention was to actually view and masturbate at first? Should I count it as a relapse because I’ve done it more than once?


my opinion


@Sensh1nSeeker I think it’s a relapse if you follow all the way through to the orgasm. If you don’t have an orgasm but feel guilty it’s up to you to reset the counter or not.
I seem to do okay 1week at a time but then I give in. I stay PMO free for days and then I feel like the pressure or urge lasts all day. I hate feeling like this all day. To me as long as you don’t have an orgasm you shouldn’t have to reset your counter.

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I like this question and think it’s really good one.
I edged often to start with. I also relapsed as I felt the edging went that little bit further each time.
But your relapse point has got to be a point that only you are happy to set for yourself.
It also has to be realistic and a point still under your control.
Hope this helps

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