When will you notice the changes / benefits

How long it’ll take to feel any change !! I’ve been fapping for atleast 10 years. My current streak is 8 days. First five days were too tough like hell. Now I’m ready to face it .

For me day 14 to 22. Later ur life becomes normal

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That’s great !! Let’s do it

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You should’ve experienced the benefits. Usually the benefits show up around the first week or so. :wink:

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Honestly, it depends on how bad you done it not nessesary years, for example if you flapped pretty much everyday for 10 years, yeah that’s bad and it will take months of being clean for your body and most importantly your brain to develop new clean habits to her rid of urges and to do a makeover, I tell you this from experience I been flapping for about 5 years I would say almost daily, and I k own it will take me months to get my body and mind used to not doing it. the negative aspects of fapping for so long can include, bad fatigue, tirelessness, short memory, bad conditioning, heart rate disorder, in order for the body and mind to return to a new normal habits, they will have to get used to you not fapping and this will take long specially if you have been doing it for long.