When will my brain fog heal?

I’m computer science engineering student. I have to perform daily mental problems, which I am not able to focus on due to my brain fog. Its been 15 days since my no PMO still i haven’t noticed much improvement. Its like my mind has gone dull.
Earlier I used to have great focus. But since past 3-4 years I’ve been watching porn regularly and falling on it. Finally i decided to let go of it. It was causing me mental insanity.
Can someone please guide me?


You want benefits quickly… But nature doesnt work like that… !

Wait… For your seeds to become a Flower… and patience & optimism is must in this journey.

I can see a Noob… whose mind is playing tricks on him.

You have to fight first… in order to see the Truth.

If you dont take drugs, alcohol, smoke… if you are on hard mode… Brain Fog is going to reduce with each month as you march forward… You can notice it… dont expect miracle within 15 days… it takes a lot of energy to fully revitalise the brain…

It may take 1 full year to get full benefits of Hard Mode… like no brain fog… always in love… peace & meditation


I dont want always love peace and meditation. I just want to restore my younger self which was devoid of any type of addiction. And yup I’m at hard mode. I hope i recover soon.


Trust the process, that’s all I can say. Stop counting the days until you feel better, start making the days count instead. Time will heal your brain, just keep abstaining and cut off porn from your life.


This guy has spoken. It’a hard to be productive when you feel like sleeping in bed + fog during flatline.

But it is what it is.

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Avoid sexual though,it will slow you down.


I know that feeling man; you feel like there’s no way out, which is not true. One thing about God is that he will not allow any temptation that will overcome you (1Corinthians 10:13)

Read that verse over and over again,MEDITATE over it again and again, repeat it in your brain over and over again , read it from different versions of the Bible, pray about it that God should show you the true meaning of the verse. Masturbation is only a web of illusion.

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Many motivational speakers say that to throw away a bad habit you need 21 days and a power of will, don’t rely on that.

PMO is often years of brainweshing and pixels, all combinad with the illusion of sexual pleasure.
You will need a lot more than 15 days to fully recover.

But i believe that by clearing your mind from this illusion and trance, this drug, there is hope.
There is improvement after those 15 days without PMO.
It will take months to fully recover:
The human body is a miracle.