When urges come,what to do?

when urges come what to do? please tell me.

Hello brother, I found this impactful.

Get this mental picture clearly in your mind, for it can be quite helpful in overcoming the power of external stimuli to disturb you. See yourself sitting quietly, letting the phone ring, ignoring its signal, unmoved by its command. Although you are aware of it, you no longer mind or obey it. Also, get clearly in your mind the fact that the outside signal in itself has no power over you, no power to move you. In the past you have obeyed it, responded to it, purely out of habit.
You can, if you wish, form a new habit of not responding.
Also notice that your failure to respond does not consist in doing something, or making an effort,
or resisting or fighting, but in doing nothing — in relaxation from doing.
You merely relax, ignore the signal, and let its summons go unheeded.The telephone ringing is a symbolic analogy to any and every other outside stimulus you might habitually give control over to and now choose to very intentionally alter that habit.’

— Maxwell Maltz, “The New Psycho Cybernetics” Ch 12.


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