When to workout after a relapse?

Hope u doin’ great

I’m doing no fap for 2 months now but unable to make a strong streak my heights is 9 days.
I’m trying to get out of the chaser currently I’m on day 4. I’m working out on every 3rd or 4th day after a relapse coz I fell energetic after crossing 2 day’s. Today I had a workout but it was not 100% energy drained asap after reaching 5th exercise
(did abs workout completed 8/10 exercise also took longer rest) I’m working out for past two months but couldn’t perform well coz of relapse

So should I continue with the workout or do it after 10 days?

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Exercise helps you fight the urges. All the extra energy you have from not fapping is utilised during exercise.
Continue working out regularly and it will contribute to your recovery

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No need to wait that longer, usually semem retention for the just a couple of days would give much energy. As you’ve experienced by yourself as well. Avoid looking at pretty women over the internet or on real life or the women with inappropriate clothing. As it would mess up the dopamine.

Anyway chaser effect is the worst I’ve been there by myself. Requires a strict schedule. One slight mistake could ruin everything. Don’t stay alone. Set progressive goals such as day 3, 7 & 30. Hope you’ll make.

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dude… listen. Working out shouldnt have anything to do with seamen retention. Working out is a complete different way of teaching yourself discipline. If you keep waiting 10 days to workout every time you relapse you won’t get anywhere.
Plus if you want the seamen to get absorb in the body to the muscles you need to be at 100 days. That’s your goal from me.
I’m going to hit it this time and I mean it!

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Hi, I suggest you workout everyday at around the same time, build a habit out of it.

You may be thinking you get exhausted after working out and need rest days. If that is the case, reduce the intensity of your exercise, you don’t need to be lifting heavy everyday.

Just do 10-20min exercise if that is what it takes for you to exercise daily, the most important thing now is for you to get used to exercise everyday and build a habit out of it. After that, you will want to exercise and you will not need willpower to force you to workout anymore.

Consistency is the most important thing here.

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You are right, it also takes me atleast 2 days to feel something fresh inside me to do something. I guess you are in your 20’s. I think for a teenager, he can feel good in just 24 hours.

I start slowly & steadily after 2 days of a relapse. For Example : if i was used to do 3 sets of 20 pushups each before relapse. After a heavy binge relapses. I start after 2 days. I start from 1 set of 10 pushups.

You must had a plan/a routine of your workout. Follow the same regularly just cut the no. Of sets & reps to suit your current energy.
A regular excercise is must, it gives confidence & increases self respect & love. Start from 1 & slowly …slowly…build it according to your energy levels.