When to draw the line. (a must tead)


You have the certain habit you know is bad for you,
The behaviour that is holding you back from your potential
Or The thing you know you SHOULD do, but never do it

do you ever get tired of breaking promises to yourself? only then will you change…

If you are fat, just stop making excuses and take back control of your body and life

Stop drinking alcohol, no processed garbage, only eat food cooked by yourself
Sleep better, fix your hormones, walk often, you know the choices you have to make but you keep giving in. Why?

Everything in your life will get better when you make the ‘hard’ choices.

Every person that enables your bad habits, every environment that drags you back down into mediocrity, every excuse you make just sucking your soul away each time you allow it to do so.

If you make excuses, no one wins. You just get worse. You might think the excuse is valid, you might think you deserve to make it. But you can have excuses, or actual results. Pick one.

no one can actually save you except a dogged determination that comes from your inner self.

A raw fire and commitment to yourself, a burning potential fighting to break free - all it takes is total destruction of your bad habits
You can view this as an insurmountable task - or just sinply decide that you’ve had enough, that you want MORE out of life, that you DESERVE more from yourself, and that you can do it. Make the right choices each day, and see the best version of yourself take hold. Eliminate naysayers from your surroundings and become obsessed with the outcome you desire.

Take an actual hard line towards things you want to meaningfully change in your life

Stop being the one foot in one foot out pussy that gets nowhere

‘Obsessed’ > spinning wheels

No one got anywhere good without total commitment to the cause, whatever it is. Do you want partial results? Then partially commit.

You will find that obsession allows total immersion, and when you are totally immersed in something you become adept at it that much quicker.


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