When Life feels normal Again

I have noticed an issue with me.

Whenever i go on long nofap streaks and life becomes normal again i do fapping. All hard work done just to become normal and the next thing you know you again fall back where you started.

Has anyone else here has same problem.

When i shall get out of this addiction. It killing me softly. I am lost.


I can relate to this very much i remember once even before i had this app even before i had beaten a 100 days that i had achieved soo many days and was feeling normal and somehow i felt to the trap and watched the filth again just to end up feeling terrible and sorry for myself to make it even worse i would keep faping telling myself, well since you tell why not enjoy the moment but that moment was killing me. Soo i went back to no fap after years and years of telling myself i will stop but let me fap just one this time. But this ‘one time’ was fricking whole year but during this time i have been learning what made fall and now i am back fighting again. Nu point is {be uncomfortable do things that me you unconfortable thats the only way you can grow}. This last words are not my Words but i live by them since 2017 ish. Those Words are said by one of the most inspiring man on other his name is Mr David goggins check out on youtube the guy is absolutly amazing.


You even said ‘get out of’ pay attention to the habits that made you fap last time