When I lose motivation what do I do?

I installed the app last November. I’ve been on and off and I really need an accountability partner who’s also active on discord or what’sapp. I’m really glad for any kind of help.

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I would like to remind you that, we can not always rely on people. When we try to depend on others to keep us accountable, while effective, at the same time not. Because it’s up to you to make the decision. You must motivate yourself.
If your accountability partner decides one day to say something that goes against what you want and you know it’s wrong. Do you follow it?
No way!! says the majority of the users.
Just keep yourself distracted by bettering yourself.
I recommend you read this book:

Remember, God is with you. You already have motivation.
God bless.


Best advices ever! So wise

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Motivation is bitch! It appears and dissapears. You need to work hard to keep it.

The key is discipline. Have schedule, stick to it, build strong will and achieve whatever you dream of.


I would like to say that: if you are doing something you like, do you need to find any motivation? You do what you have to do and you are happy

Maybe you are doing things people tell should be good for you, bullshit, if you know what you want you have no need for motivation.

Most common: “go to gym”
You: “yeah i will go to gym” then you go for 3 days and lost “motivation”

If you really know what you want. Do you need motivation?

I never needed motivation or discipline to learn to play guitar

And you do not need discipline also, you need discipline if you are doing something you don’t like and don’t understand the reasons why are you doing it.

If you know the reasons, even if you don’t like you will do it joyfully!

But also, think by yourself, you will find the answers. :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


actually motivation is that friend that stays with you in your good times but leaves you in the time of danger


I agree with @nofapstar123 and @ENOC, but for me motivation is ify. sometimes I have lot of motivation and sometimes dont. Sometimes I have motivation to do my hobbies and in another time I dont and I like to do other things. For me motivation jumps like crazy. And it is also possible to “overeat” by something that you like and then there is a problem because there is saying “too much of everything is bad” and this apply to motivation and sticking to one thing too.

I think you should follow your guts and do what you like, but on the another hand you need to keep in mind that you should do something which can elevate you. Like oposite of watching useless videos on youtube.

I personaly watch youtube, but 95% of my channels except musit are cooking, blacksmithing and carpentry/making stuff channels as this is someting which I like to do andit can elevate me as well as I find there ideas and lot of tricks :wink:


After reading all of the post I can relate myself. I do have similar kind of problem. All of the people advices are highly recommend for you, me either. With my own experience,what I have learnt is that understanding yourself and selfdescipline is the key. Only person who can correct your path is only you. Not your best friend, spouse,gf either.Even your own parents fails to understand you when you have different opinion and believes. Thinking someone else going to fix is the biggest crime which I did in my early career. Now trying my best to take full responsibility for my life. So I think you should also try to figure out how you can be the best friend of yourself.So that when you loose your motivation you ll be only the back.
You know, I added myself as my companions.

it may look like crazy but i do as such .Find a way by your own which will stay with you forever. Stay Strong #PhilosophyEndsHere :slight_smile: