When does the brain fog stop?

I’m suffering from brain fog and it’s making my memory extremely weak, it’s affecting me with my exams. I’m on day 6 now.


U need to be patient I guess. I m on day 22 and m still having it.


I have a fever recently and my body temperature keeps increasing. Harden tf up and keep going, even if the situation is uncomfortable.


I experience cold and my body keeps shivering because of fever.

Severely limitting your time at social media/youtube/twitch/… helps as well with combatting brain fog. In fact, for me this is a bigger contributor than pmo but everyone is different.

Also, you’re on day 6 so give it time. When you get impatient about your progress, try to remember that watching porn will definitely NOT make things better!

Brain fog may have multiple reasons. There may be something wrong with the diet, for example.

Dont expect any miracle before a Month Brother.
Just have patience and believe in the Nofap journey.