What's your reason for nofap

Ok I think to strengthen this journey we need a goal , not a vague on but a clear and strong one , my reason to start this journey is to eliminate the cloudiness caused by excess porn/ masturbation
I know this sounds rubbish but it is not , it started when is was not able to sleep because of many thoughts came to my mind while going sleep to I started masturbation to help me sleep but that became a habit , my brain used to go numb when I pmo , I realised later it was affecting my daily life I was not able to concentrate , socialise , I became kind of depressed but not anymore , so that’s why I started this journey what’s your reason

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I want to take my life back

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Never thought this is a problem I have until :

I had always wanted to have goals in my life ,career wise do something I like, have a healthy relationship with a nice girl , be financially independent but after turning 27 I realized I am doing dead end job which I dont like, after a heartbreak with my high school girlfriend
had meaningless relationships with few girls and financially I am completely dependent on my parents that’s when I realized I am doing something terribly wrong but also realized that I shouldn’t blame others or events that happened in my life for my condition also due to this condition my mindset was pretty much depressed and felt I am doomed after doing lot of conscious thinking about my condition I understood that I need to improve my state of mind first then things in my life will start falling in place. I realized I have indulged myself in substance abuse so first thing I did was quit cigarettes, reduced my alcohol intake and stopped doing the once in while drug parties I used to do ( the younger me thought all this was cool)
After quitting these ill habits soon I started feeling better my focus in the dead end job improved health wise felt much better started feeling somewhat happy but still somewhere it was not complete while regaining control over my substance abuse I use to watch lot of YouTube videos ,read articles on how to quit smoking, how to quit alcohol, what are the benefits and all related information but at times I used to get suggestions on nofap vedios I saw a few and it showed how you’ll start getting these superpowers and feel much confident, brainfog will go and what not.

So after quitting drugs (was easy cause they were occasional) ,smoking (it’s been 6 months now without smoke have slipped twice but pretty sure wont start like before ever again ) and drastically reduced my alcohol intake (i need to take a complete break atleast for few months straight) decided to try nofap and within the first 15 days my first streak I felt amazing I realized fapping was the root cause of all my problems and my other addictions were just aiding to the big problem I felt amazing control on my mind the brainfog lifted and even though I am still doing the same job I am sure I’ll prepare my self for something better I no more feel doomed about all bad things in my life but have a mindset with a plan to make my life better and all this happened within the first 15 days of no fap and I know it will take time .

But soon I realized like every other addiction even this is a monster that wont go so easily currently I am 30 and it took me some what 2 -3 yrs to quit smoking drugs and reduce alcohol intake .so I know even this will take time.

I had no idea that masterbation was affecting me so badly maybe because it’s so comman in guys to share pornography and have dirty thoughts for any random lady passing by I thought its natural to do PMO but after seeing the effects of nofap I know once I get rid of this bad habit my life will be easier yes still problems will be there but my brain will be better equipped to handle those problems

Hence the reason I want to quit is to live a healthy happy life. always keep improving

I started a conscious effort to reboot this year May my current highest streak is 17 days but after every relapse I learn something I did wrong and progress soon like my other bad habits even this wont be a part of me yes relapse makes you feel miserable but we all can rise above this learn from our mistakes and improve thank you god bless you brothers .


@totto_rewire You are a very good man. I read all your comment. You are going in right direction.

Like you … I also discovered by self realization …that … fapping was the root cause of all my problems.

The above is my reason @AAB20


Thanks @Sahas @AAB20 its support that will make this journey a lot easier


Today was depressed , I had no motivation to do anything I was depressed for no reason at all , I thought it might be related to my notap ,so I tried to look through internet and found its something called flatline , it was said that this time will soon pass , I hope this time passes soon

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My reasons of doing nofap:Cure pied, be able to ejaculate during sex without fantasizing porn , better sex (better erection), penis and dopamine sensitivity, not feeling drained and depressed.