Whats your all time favorite movie and director

Mine gotta be John wick absolute action packed lol

Christopher Nolan’s Movie: Interstellar. One of the few movies that really moved me emotionally. Not any sappy romance, just the decision between fatherly love and finding a second earth. Definitely the 2 hours worth.


shawshank redemption __

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Watched it really loved that movie Christopher nolan makes some of the best movies

Am gonna have to watch that soon heard great things about that movie

Fight Club(1999)
It is just so real and relatable

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Christopher Nolan

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Another crazy movie absolutly loved it nolan is a legend. That scene in the hotel is mad

The perks of being a wallflower.

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Can anyone help me in how to generate code?

Go to the main app scroll left to my companions click on the + button there you will see generate code but your code will already be there