What's wrong with me? I'm finding almost EVERY woman attractive!

So I’m currently on my 3rd streak this year on No Fap I haven’t looked at porn or as a matter of fact any type of erotic or sexualized pictures of women, I feel even better than I intended my other streaks to be, my mind is starting to feel…well…cleaner free I guess…I was already up at 7:20am in the morning which feels great! but here’s a thing I’ve had this thing where I’m starting to see a lot of grown women I shouldn’t even be attracted to actually attractive just a certain aspect I saw of them I didn’t see before even if they got an obvious imperfection, women I wouldn’t normally say is that attractive or got an amazing body…it could be of different races whether they’re big boned or skinny…I wanna fuck all of them I know this sounds possesive but at the end of the day I’m a man, a human being this thing has been going on since my late teens 18/19 whether on No Fap or off it I’ve always had this…“problem” maybe it’s just an aspect of my mind tricking me or something I feel guilty accidently fantisizing about dating/ being in a relationship with all of these women it doesn’t feel “right” if that makes sense to any of you guys I just want to organically like a female ambition wise and physical wise without constantly fantisizing like a guilty freak, I had a dream yesterday about lipsing a woman I wouldn’t even think twice of lipsing, I hope when I go further in my No Fap journey it breaks that chain and I have a good sense of grounding.

i had exactly the same problem.
in my case it stopped after about 25 days. it’s just an effect of porn and the withdrawel


Isnt this a good thing??? Don’t some people with porn addition not see a real woman as attractive and this is one of the problems?

i think it depends. in my case i knew that it isn’t a good thing. i guess if you see the beauty in every person it is a good thing but if you are attracted to everyone even though they’re compmetely not your cup of tea, than it’s likely that it is just a screaming of you body. (especially if you just care about sex)


How’s your relationship with your mom? I know it’s a personal question. But it could also be that your attraction to every woman is like a thirst or longing to be loved by them, that your mother was not able to provide you. I’m not attracted to women that much because I have high respect for my mom, felt that she loved me a lot and i carry that feeling with other women, i dont run after them because im secure that they will love and accept me if i want to build relationship with them. But i have a longing for men, because my dad abandoned us when we were young. I want to be loved by men, because i’m starved from it and must have sexualized it. Which is something that I dont want and what Im dealing with currently alongside nofap.

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Well the thing is my mum is actually a very supportive woman of my career choices she’s proud her son’s a successful graduate and is now on an intern and apprenticeship programme, I live with her but here’s the funny thing she’s pushy with me when it comes to girls she always bugs like “When are you going to bring a girlfriend home and make me a grandchild?” type of thing and it annoys me to the core when she says that but that’s about it I really doubt that’s of particular problem to my personal view on women today at work for me felt the same but I know this he’ll bent desire I have will go away IT HAS TO!

Its just part of the recovery i have the highedt libido known to mankind am still seeing older woman as atractive but i hope it goes away . We must beat lust

Its amazing how little attention to a child can drastically change the out comes of one as an adult. We must be there for out children

I see. Perhaps i’ve read the post quickly. If it’s just temporary occurence then it must be the libido / testosterone buildup while doing nofap. If it’s a frequent, sort of permanent occurence then it’s an issue.

Yeah, some of our issues has its roots from our childhood or upbringing.

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Same here but I can control myself and I can hide this matter … maybe it’s a result of hard mode… I don’t think it’s a problem… it’s a good thing to have your libido high it means high level of testosterone … use this drive to improve yourself and your life and don’t consider it as a problem.

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