What's the thing we are lacking?

There are many people including me who are here for more than 2-3 years, But still we have not got completely free from pmo. Indeed there has been many learnings from these failures but still we can’t call ourselves completely free.
Also, It’s not like we are not determined to achieve it, but still there’s something which needs to get fixed.
Not just Pmo but I also find myself making the same mistakes again and again with other activities too like studying, even though when I know what is going to be the outcome of such mistake.
I think the best answer to this situation may be Discipline, but how to actually develope discipline?


Lack of self belief
Lack of self confidence
Not learning from mistakes
Not identifying the cause
Still being free from female for no reason
And not wanting to change as well


We really lacking many things. I am also like one of those. I also make a lot of same type of mistakes ( not daily though )


It’s a serious thing but a simple answer rectify your mistakes


Lack of love towards ourselves from family…etc so we went to pornography and each addiction to feel something.


That’s very true, Addiction is a very strange thing. Sometimes you can leave it in one go or can keep slipping into it again and again.


Lack of Self awareness
Lack of Self discipline
Lack of respect towards our body
Lack of proper support/companion


What people mostly lack is strategy.
Identify why you fail and then make a strategy to dismantle it.
It doesn’t have to be a well defined strategy. Just something like I relapse at that time so I’m going to keep myself busy in that time.
That partial strategy works too.
Something has to be there. Just one idea. And then you just stick to it.


I understand how frustrating it can be to keep making the same mistakes repeatedly. It often feels like we lack commitment because we talk about wanting to change, but struggle to put in the necessary effort. It’s definitely easier said than done.

We need something huge that will overcome that addiction.
In my opinion, maybe getting out of our rooms and spending time in nature can be incredibly beneficial. When we’re surrounded by nature, we feel a sense of calmness and tranquility. The bright sky and lush greenery have a soothing effect on us. However, in today’s world, we’re constantly separated from nature. We face constant pressure from our peers, and we spend a lot of time indoors, absorbed in digital technology, which creates a small, isolated world for us. This all slowly contributes towards the same repeated pattern of life, and hence we are back to the initial day.


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