What's the point


I see people reaching day 365 and 500 and relapse …so what’s the point … I thought after day 40 or 60 or something you feel like never doing it again , if there’s a way back to the shit even after years of abstinence … why don’t we just give in


40 to 60 days realy is not much.
the number of days doesn’t matter that much. you also need to heal your brain. if you just stay abstinent by sheer will power you will never heal.
you have to figure out why you watch porn , reduce this reason and then stay abstinent. just doing one of them doesn’t lead anywhere.
(more on that you can watch on the youtube chanel porn recovery from j.k. emazi think it’s called steps of porn reboot.
i could post a vid tomorrow
according to him (he is a porn recovery coach) it takes pretty long until you have no urges at all anymore


Sexual drive will always be there ((If not it’s a big problem then)) … Simply the point here is to use it as a motivation for you.

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Can you post the link to the video. please


@thlopez_490 on youtube, search “PornReboot” its the channel about which neveragaintw said…

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i will post two very fitting to this post this afternoon


90-120 days depending on how long you have been addicted and how intense your problem is, Once you complete reboot you’re not going to find excitement in porn but if you’re single and have high libido then you certainly will have urge for sex not for “porn” to release that urge people turn to porn again and relapse after 90+ days, Reasons can be other too for example Depression, Stress etc.

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These videos come from a porn recovery coach. He was addicted too, got rid and now helps people with coaching.

There is one i unfortunately didn’t find again. It would have been perfect for this discussion.
He talks about the thing that the time, effort and methods needed to get clean depends of your degree of addiction. Just powering through it with challenges and stuff works only if you are at the beginning of the addiction (watching porn 1-2 times a month)
After that it won’t work anymore.

This one is talking about the different stages of reboot.
To summarize: if you really are addicted it takes very long to really get clean. The thing we are doing here is not even the first stage. Sure, your life gets better even after the first week but in total you will need years. But urges should mostly disappear after stage 1 or 2

This one is good in general. It’s why we can’t get rid of porn

But it’s pretty clear the there is no magical thing as the 90 day threshold. It’s a good accomplishment but you aren’t cured afterwards