What's the point of living average

This blog is focused on

-bending reality
-manifesting whatever the f*uck you want
-Law of Assumption (LOA)
-reality distortion

  • In the end, Time is an Illusion.

I’ll share my knowledge about all these above OG’s.

Whatever I write here, is experienced by me/getting practiced by me. None of the shit I write is woo-woo.

I’m a learner like y’all.

“What’s the point of living average” - JayZ

Your friend,


The First Post.

I’m stoked to see where this blog/whatever the f*uck this is called goes to.

If you know, Success takes 16 hr days, you’ll manifest a reality where success takes 16 hr days

If you know, $ don’t grow on trees, you’ll manifest a reality where $ is hard to come by

Be aware of what you “know”.

My first hand experience in this?

I don’t know, if you guys are aware of “States” in LOA (Law of assumption) ----I’ll talk about it in the following posts----

I remember seeing the weighing scale display “68 Kg” on September 13th 2022 (Thanks to my journal entries)
For some reason I wanted to reduce my weight by almost 10kg. I wanted to lose all the bad fat, high amount of estrogen that I had collected all life.

Now, you may wonder why tf I wanted to do this?

Good question. I wanted to do this because I needed to increase my testosterone. “Lesser the estrogen, more the testosterone”.

Ok, back to the story!!

I was weighing 68kg, wanted to lose 10kg and weigh around 58kg. (This was on September 13th, 2022)

I started using the “STATES” (LOA)

I literally made my mind think that it’s already done. I started living like I was weighing 58kg already and have <10% fat in my body.

Fun thing I would do at this time is, I would stand on the weighing machine, keep my head straight, close my eyes, I imagine “58kg” displaying on my weighing scale and that’s it. I didn’t even look at the actual number. Why? Because I decided that it’s already done. I already weigh 58kg, I don’t give a f*uck about what the weighing scale displays.

I did some weird stuff like these, haha

I aligned all my thoughts, actions, words and mental images to the created version of me.

I was the “world’s fastest weight loser” (I thought like this, haha)

Now, what would a person who wants to lose a weight does?
Jog, Intermittent fasting, high fibre - low carb diet, drink hellalot of water (5L/day), workout like a mf.

I did all these consistently.

I would also stand on that weighing machine everyday and imagine the number “58kg” written on it.

And boom!

According to my journal entries, I weighed 57.40kg on 15th October.
(I saw that weighing scale on this day instead of assuming it, lol)

I lost 11kg in 32 days!!!


I manifested what I want in just 32 days, which would take 5+ months for the average person.

I came out of those “STATES” on that day. Haha

In the end, I would like to tell, Many things were programmed to us for DECADES by our parents, teachers, friends, unknown people we met till now. We need to curate all those programs that were instilled in us to live a life better than the average people. That makes us move towards the top 1%.

Your friend,


One user approached me after the posts which I have posted here and asked to explain him about manifestation and he needs a job.

I have explained him clearly about what manifesting is all about and how it works.(or atleast how it worked for me)

I’ll post it below.


hi brother

Thanks for reaching out.

I’m into this inner work like meditation, states, manifestation, and all these self-development things. (From past 6 months, i can say)

I’ll tell you whatever I know about manifestation. I’m also learning on my way.

But, I have manifested many things which I wanted by following this. It worked for me, it’ll also work for you.

Step 1: decide what you want.

Decide what you want to get. Write down things what you want. U told me, you want to manifest a job.

Take out a diary/book, write down in which domain you want the job (ex: sales, copywriting, java dev, embedded system, accounts, sap,hr…, whatever u need).

This is very important, u need to write down exactly what you want.

Now, you have decide it. Mark a circle in the niche you have decided where you want ur job.

I’m taking an example that u decided to get a job in “embedded systems”(embedded systems is a domain in engineering, it just came to my mind, haha)

So now u need a job in embedded systems.(just for example)

Step 2: Affirmations

Scott adams (world’s famous cartoonist) revealed about affirmations and how it worked for him at every point in his life. I watched one of his old videos where he talked about them clearly. (I can send you a link if u want)

Now, u have decided u need a job in “embedded systems”.

“I am [your name], I am working as an embedded system engineer”

Write this 15x time EVERYDAY, as soon as u wake up in a book (I prefer diary, I filled almost 2 diaries lmao)

The above affirmation is what I wrote for example.
The main aim here is, u have to write it as it’s already done.
Like u have got the job already.

In the above affirmation, if u read that, it’s in past tense.

Write the affirmation in past tense. As if it’s already created/done, and you have got it.

All cool?

You have to write affirmations 15x times every single day.

Step 3: Be in a state that you already own it

As soon as u write your affirmation, u know it’s already done. completed. U have it now. Zero doubts

U must live, breathe, eat, fuck from this state. The state of knowing that you already have it/got it.

Step 4: Re-engineer

Now, just answer this,

what skills would the world’s best embedded system engineer be having?

He would be having certain 3/4 skillsets. Write it down.

  1. He knows every bit
    regarding microcontrollers
  2. He knows C language like a pro
  3. He has very good communication skills

List it down.

Step 5: Action

Now you know what does it take to become a embedded system engineer.

U have to learn those skills which you listed.

Main thing is consistency, u have to put your effort in learning everyday.

These are the 5 steps u need to be doing and u can manifest it for real.
U can use this process for anything u want. Literally anything. Health, wealth, relationship, whatever the fuck you say and it works.

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U know it’s already created and u have it when u write ur affirmation.

Live in that state for entirity.

U will eventually take the action as suggested in step 5.

And then the magic starts working.

The reality starts bending towards what you want. The world will seem like it’s working for you.

Out of nowhere U’ll experience the below things.

  • you’ll come across job posts which you want. The voice inside will be yelling at you that, this job is created for you.

  • the internet, social media will be working in ur favour, and u’ll only find what serves u the best

  • your friends/family will start refering you somewhere

-you’ll meet guys, who will help you out for what u need

  • the universe conspires and falls at your feet untill you get what you want.

  • eventually, u’ll end up where u think.