What's the most common thing that causes you to relapse?

For me I noticed it’s either when I’m really stressed or really bored. What is it for other people? Do people just have biological urges?
I swear I’ve relapsed so many times just cause I brought my phone in the bathroom, even if I don’t have an urge. I use an app blocker now, but I’m curious to hear what it is for others.


Focusing too much on instant gratification/now-pleasures instead of long-term pleasures. It’s proven that addict’s brain are now-pleasures focused and the part of the brain that motivates for long-term pleasures is less used and even shrinks. What’s been working for me i whenever the slightest urge hits I just shift my focus to past events or future events I wish to happen. It shifts the parts of the brain used for now-pleasures to the part that elicits self-control and long-term goals. Works, you should try it.