What's the benefit of practicing no fap?

I have completed 67 days without fap but not getting any benefit within myself.
I got relapsed today because I was unmotivated.
Pls guys tell me your best experience regarding no fap so that I continue my no fap journey once again.

on a short scale my benefits definitely are a clearer mind and much much more free time.
But I think that the long term positiv effects don’t come from just not fapping but from changing yourself and how you few the world completely. I feel that during a larger and larger percentage of days I just enjoy my life. That I don’t need (and don’t wanna) watch porn. There were times when I opened a porn page, looked at the starting screen and thought “why should I watch this stuff if I could read a book or go outside instead”.
That’s what I really wanna achieve. To have this feeling every single day.


How old are you ? …

I found I got more time to do things, good focus on my tasks. High energy. Yes some times you get bore with routine but fapping doesn’t make any sence now.



Go watch this.

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