Whats good nofappers. Women attraction news

So today was a pretty crazy day and im still in school and school where all the crazy stuff happend… so girls started to get more comfortable when im with them or just by them. One girl while i was walking came cand grabbed me hand all the sudden dont even know the girl she grabbed it and i immeditly pulled my hands away… lol didnt know what to do again… and the another girl while i was sitting came and rubbed my back i was like yo chill out and guys around me where like " let him go he has a girlfriend" which of course i dont have one becouse pmo but anyways a girl while we were at the gym she passed by me and high fived me and then smiled… so boys keep nofapping to get girl attraction and all these other benifts you get from nofapping.


Just don’t forget your career goals


No worrys brother i wont still going strong day 3