What will happen if I keep just watching?

Lets assume that I will never relapse again. Or we can even assume I will save my semen for one year. What’s gonna change if I keep watching porn?

If you keep watching porn, you are going to fall sooner or later, that is what changes, try to not trigered yourself.

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You’ll soon give in to the temptation , the triggeres will be very strong to resist

But what if, just in theory, like an Odysseus tied up to his own ship? How will it affect. Superpowers? I mean just watching, 0 touching

Man you wanna mess up your neurons again? with dopamine rush that you get the negatives are wat too much, this is the first time i see someone ask that type of question lol


What negatives are? Thats what I am asking about

When you watch porn but not ejaculate, dopamine is still being released which can damage your brain in the long run.


You will become a pycho if you do that with no feelings towards life.


Your brain will get more dopamine than average, Because of high dopamine You will have mental Disorder Which is Schizophrenia, Doing it daily will turn into in obsession and will cause OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), Those are very dangerous mental problems, There is many harm from porn, You can search those by searching on google ‘High dopamine symptoms’. Hope this helps.


I have read that high dopamine helps in some areas, like solving mathematical problems, but still wonder if there is a difference beetween holding semen in or not

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I recommend to you watching this:


This video explains the consequences on your brain caused by watching porn (without even the M and the O)


Negatives effects of watching porn even without M and O-

  1. You will not get rid of sexual thoughts and that will overshadow your decision making process.
  2. Lust will still remain in your mind and as a result you will not stop objectifying women/men such as fixating on one body part of them again and again while talking to them.
  3. When we experience highly arousing stimuli such as porn, the dopamine level in our brains spike. Our brain becomes excited and the “Coolidge” effect begins. Pleasure neurochemicals in the brain respond as we continue to engage the stimulus and we can over stimulate ourselves. This is when we go beyond normal pleasure activation and the neurochemicals can start damaging patterns.
  4. When dopamine is deregulated we don’t feel well. Depression and hopelessness soon follow in a world where nothing is experienced as pleasurable or meaningful. It is hard to engage with life’s many joys because there seems to be only one joy (sex)! This is incredibly problematic, interfering with people’s’ ability to get up and work, or enjoy their family.

See the “Coolidge Effect” on Wikipedia

In simple terms, we need to detox ourselves and we must stop feeding the evil or else it will never die. There is a thing called Garbage In, Garbage Out. So we need to stop feeding degrading things into our brains and expose ourselves to more and more productive and positive things.

I know all this seems like bullshit when the urges hit but just say NO to it brother, unless you learn to say NO to whatever pulls you down you will never rise above it.

I hope I made some sense.


Gold comment is gold


I’ll tell you what will happen.

Look up Ted Bundy.

Oh man, I was having the exact same question. For me it was more of a way to stay sane as I tried to quit. I would go on Instagram and start following models and what not, thinking “this time is gonna be different, I now have control”. I even watched some porn last night and felt proud I didn’t resort to masturbation.

But what these other bros are saying is true. Your brain is still releasing dopamine and your mind will be making the same connections between porn, which is nothing but an illusion, and a feeling of pleasure and release.

Something I read the other day at r/NoFap is that you must only imagine what you would feel should you have a daughter and she were to date someone like you. It’s a porn addict something you want for her? If the answer is no, then you know there’s room for improvement within yourself.

Do yourself a favor and think deeply about it before watching porn again, brother. We’re all in this together.

I think you guys are mixing dopamine with serotonin :confused: