What will be considered as relapse?🤔

Guys i’m on nofap for past 8 days…but on the 9th day i felt little urge due to depression so i saw not much but 30 seconds nude video…but i did’t do MO neither i watched porn… will i count it as a relapse?


It means your depression gone by just seeing 30sec porn videos? Wow, please don’t lie from yourself.


No i didn’t mean that my depression is gone by watching that video…it’s just that i got triggered due to my old habit pattern…but do believe me i’m trying really hard to get out of it.

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In my opinion, you at least controlled your lust, and only watched for 30 seconds only nude not porn video, you may forgive yourself for this time, but I need to warn that no next time! It definitely affects your rewiring progress. Just one peek can haunt you for days.


There are no such hard and fast rules regarding what is defined as a relapse. It is pretty much upto you to decide.
If you feel like you lost control and gave in to your artificial desires, you might wanna reset your timer.
It is a journey of self improvement and thus stay true to yourself and ask yourself if you gave in and you’ll have your answer.


Thank you guys…thanks a lot for your humble opinions…it’s very much needed and crucial for me at this point of time…now i can then continue my journey without any other further thought…:innocent:


Yes bro but if you do it again it’s relapse.
I had the same problem. I saw racy videos but I did not Fap or anything so I didn’t count it as relapse. I decided to call it peeking.

I think that is that is the definition of peeking? Not sure.

Anyways afterward I felt really guilty like I cheated so I reset my counter. From this new streak onwards, I decided even if I do just oeeking it’s relapse.

Because I’m here to rewire. Generally we peek when we are angry, tired, bored etc. This instead of rewiring when I peeked I trained my brain to escape boredom via peeking.
This means I associate peeking with happiness and this is the opposite of what NoFap tries to acheive-that is, noFap is to rewire the brain circuits such that there is no longer pleasure from PMO.

I guess you could let it slide this time, but usually no one is satisfied with a single peek. It always leads to a want for more.

Your choice bro. Its your brain to rewire. Chose wisely and don’t fall into the trap I fell into.


Guys just know peeking is bad. It is one of the biggest bad habits we are trying to avoid. Orgasm is not a habit, it is just the reward that habit leads to. Jerking or peeking is the bad habit we should avoid, not orgasm, because orgasm is just the reward the body is seeking. Peaking fills us up with dopamine, even though we only think orgasm is the most dangerous. We may think looking is actually harmless and try to stay away from it just because it may “lead” to relpase, but looking at images or videos itself fills the head with dopamine, and that is addictive. People are not addicted to orgasm, but the act of touching and seeing stuff for arousal. This is the logic behind guys edging for hours and hours on end. So, move forward with the idea that even you touching yourself or you searching up a nude image and seeing it damages you big time.

What we consider as relapse and a reset of counter however, that is the number of days we stay continuously clean, is a really personal decision. I for one intend to make this rewiring journey clean as fuck, so if (that’s a huge if right there, i’m not that kind of person anymore) i look at a sexualised image for wanting a relief or something, or caress my penis even for a little while (again, not gonna happen. At this point, I think it’s weird and obnoxious and disgusting.), I would reset the counter.

In the end my dude, this is not about a streak counter, or a number of days of abstinence, this is about rewiring your brain, isn’t it? So I don’t think we should worry about what a relapse is , because the brain will tell us. Anything that sets back the rewiring process should be considered a relapse. The purpose here, to become a better and stronger person, more disciplined and defined, whose brain doesn’t give two shits about watching porn or nudes or jerking off, because that’s just not who we are anymore. Anything that person would consider bad, weird, disgusting or immoral, basically against such a person’s core beliefs and principles should be what a relapse is for you, just because that is a part of the old you you are trying to get away from, to rewire against.

Stay sharp.


So true this happened to me many times…


Yeah bro we have to be aware of it. All these conclusions are from behaviour studies, research papers and my own personal experience as well. Have you ever noticed that you immediately start getting the high feeling just the exact moment a porn image (I’m talking about the supernormal stimuili which is professionally designed by porn companies to make it maximum enticing, and the kind of perfection that is NEVER possible in real life. If all you see is a normal, slightly attractive picture of a woman in bikini or something, the effects won’t be as bad, but still there.) comes into your field of view after you consciously searched up for it?

It is the first dose of dopamine and other pleasure neurochemicals kicking in… You’ve already gotten the high (dopamine levels have already shot upto around 200% the normal levels that of a normal person who doesn’t watch porn). The stimulus (ie the well crafted porno image) is nothing like your brain has ever seen and will ever see in real life. This is the habit( routine, response) This creates chances for orgasm, which is the reward the brain is used to getting. And all of this is even before your hand has touched your package…


Nice dude, you know the secret enemy! Addiction starts from that very moment of peek, the unusually high dose of dopamine, PMO are only its consequence. Something like tasting the first drop of coffee, the remaining is not as important… seems that’s the mechanism of reward system.


Yeah bro understanding the habit fully is the first step to eradicating it. We need to fully understand why we do what we do, how it affects us, when, where etc. The more I learn about this bad habit of mine, the less and less power it has over me. :partying_face::grin::grin: