What will be at the end of the journey


what will happen at the end of the road if you don’t have a girlfriend? I’m probably wrong, but seriously … I’m just worried about the unknown

i dont know but a know this, just be a Man


Nofap will not gonna give you a girlfriend all of a sudden. Girls are so picky. You need to have a pretty good body, need to do self care, be funny confident. If you have these things already, then it’ll be probably easier for you. And, some people including me didn’t start NoFap cuz I don’t have a girlfriend. I started because it’s harmful. A girlfriend for my age is nothing but a distraction for everything. So it have to wait. Maybe for you, too.


your goal in life is not to get a girl. that’s a fucking biological lie your body wants you to believe, grow up. stop focussing on that as your primary goal. if you do nofap with a goal of “getting” girls, if you workout because you want to be attractive to girls, if you wnat to be rich just to get a girl, you’re doing this for the wrong reasons and won’t get anywhere. nobody on nofap should think this way, we are way above that petty shit. focus on yourself, focus on improving your skills - social, physical, mental, artistic, whatever the hell you want, work on THEM. YOU are your one and only priority because YOU are rhe only person you can control.


Foolest statement I ever seen…


I swear I always agree with all your posts lmao. We have the same mentality :wink:

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Thank you guys :slight_smile:

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Yes bro @anon72572146 . I also agree that.
@neetwarrior you are awesome bro. You have a lot of knowledge.