What to expect after noFap

Hi companions, i’m very interested in knowing the positive or negative results any of you can share after nofap for more than 3 months so that us that struggle can be a bit more motivated!


I’ve gone a month (over 2 months with a short relapse in between) so far not 3 months… But so far I feel free, more confident, and have more clarity in my life. I’m devoting my energy to meeting girls in real life rather than artificially satisfying the desire with pixels on the screen. There are physical benefits like that.

But the best is how I feel about myself - the knowledge that I can control myself, that I no longer have anything to hide, that I am free from this addiction. I feel like a real man.
There’s also the satisfying feeling of superiority over those who still haven’t freed themselves :slight_smile: maybe not Noble but even an egotistic feeling like that helps along the way


Thanks for sharing your experience man I really struggle with socializing with women I find attractive so I’m looking forward experiencing this positive effects!


Thanks for sharing Cheetaiean

Don’t worry @ruz92 and keep going
I think it starts getting easier to talk to girls once you are at about 30 days. At this point I started to be able to look at a girl without immediately thinking of sex, naked bodies and especially the feeling that I have to be 100% perfect and I’m only good enough if I completely please her.


Thanks for your words man that’s very similar to how i feel, ■■■■ really messed things up :confused:, but I feel stronger with the support!


After spending long time not fapping, U can see lots of change happening in your body, U won’t get erection with little things, u will have more energy, more confidence. Less wet dreams, less angry. More than anything, aside from the benefits, we should stop fapping as this is not the reason why we are born.


You are going to be fucking legend

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