What to do with extra free time?

Hey all. I’m just wondering how to deal with the spare extra time. My problem is I do learn more and run during the days. But during the evenings and night i get bored easily and watch porn to pass away that time. Any tips or advice :slight_smile:)


Hey man,

Same here, I never relapsed when I was busy but rather when I was lazy or bored.
In my opinion or In my case it was really important to find something that let me relax. In the beginning I always tried to find something that keeps me busy, but it’s important to learn how to calm down, otherwise you will end up busy and stressed and that can lead to a relapse as well. How everyone does that depends on what relaxes you. In my case it was walks outside (boring first until I used the time to let my thoughts wander and notice more things around me), reading in nice places with a hot chocolate or tea (treat yourself!), planning how to decorate my flat or change small things and making music.
In a best case scenario that activity doesn’t incolve a pc or phone, so you won’t start doing that and end up watching porn :slight_smile:


Learn the violin or paint