What to do when feeling strong Urges?

Hey guys! I am feeling strong urges to fap since last night. I accidentally came across a latest pic of the model I used to jerk off to. And I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind since then. I just feel like walking to the washroom and blasting out my semen.

But somehow I got past the night and woke up early in the morning to prevent nightfall from happening. I worked out a bit, took a cold shower. And just now I was sitting at my table and revising my lessons and Boom! My penis is rock hard and again I am having brain fog. I just want to visit that model’s Instagram and look at the pics and fap to her.

But I don’t want to do it because I’ve come way too far to back to square one again. I don’t want to lose my pride for not having fapped for the past 2 weeks. I don’t want to lose that confidence in me. I don’t want to look at myself in the mirror like a loser after masturbating. I don’t want to become the person I was 2 weeks ago because he was pathetic, he was a loser, he objectified women, he thought porn is a reflection of society’s reality, he believed that women are fond of men with animal like sex instincts. But I am a lot different than that demon and I’ve realised all my demerits, all my fears, all my perils and all my goals and duties towards the society.

So I have decided that I will not give in to these urges and that if my urges get stronger day by day, then my will to resist those urges will also grow stronger day by day. And I am hopeful that one day will come when I will share with you all that I have overcome that demon in my head which caused me to give in to my physical desires so easily. I will throw that demon out of my system once and for all.



Hi @satya3456, First and foremost there is nothing wrong in masturbating. However, excessive of masturbation may cause a problem. (obviously, you know this.) Feeling bad about this problem is a first step brother and realizing it is the achievement. You should feel something good about yourself.

Secondly, I would suggest you to block the websites on your pc and on your phone.

To Block porn websites in your phone and pc. There is an app “blockerx”, it blocks porn related stuff in your phone.

And for your pc, if you have one and know stuffs about pc there is a ‘host’ file. You can insert porn websites in it. It will make all those websites block. There are blogs which can help you.

Also, you can share this thing to a person you know and understand. This will make you share and help you when you are feeling something. And yes, make you feel embarrass, it’s for your own good.

You are doing great bro. Be proud of yourself, don’t try to feel bad even if you lose your streak. Be optimistic.

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Bro he is also one of us, he was also an addict like us so i dont see any point in saying that because we all are here to quit masturbation and porn.
Everyone here had masturbated excessively in their past, thats why we all want to stop it.


Thanks for your advice. But I want to confess one more thing that I have watched porn but I have never obsessed over it. The reason I became addicted to Fapping is using too much of Instagram. Instagram can be said to be a major cause of masturbation among people because it is easily accessible. Porn may be blocked in some countries, but then to access it you need to use VPN service. Same is not true for instagram because it is extremely easy. You’ll find a lot of actresses and models and even pornstars posting bikini pics and stuff which made me addicted to using Instagram.

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Thanks for your support bro! You are right, masturbation may not be a wrong thing, but it surely is a devastating thing for addicts. Telling an addict that his addiction is not a bad thing will only make things worse for him.


Hi @nofapstar123, there is difference between knowing and understanding.

There are many victims who knows that addiction can cause bad things. And then there are people who may not understand that thinking of it repeatedly cause more damage psychologically.

I shared something, not only for this person but also for that random person (like you). Who may not ‘understand’ such thing. Because, i was one of that random person.

Hence, in future… If you know something and you can help. Share it. If not, it is better to just read and move on. Instead of demotivating others not to share.

Thanks for your wasteful time. :slight_smile:

Oh! And no offence.

Wtf is wrong with you? Its not like i did a destructive critisism to you? I just tried to correct you, but kids like you never get it. Im not here to fight with stupids.
Also thank you for wasting your time by replying to my wasteful comment

Lmao i cant stop laughing, writes a reply fully offensive, and then at last says “no offence”. Its so funny people get offended so easily .

tell me which part of my comment made you demotivated?

I must say, you does feel proud about yourself. Because, the comment WAS meant to be funny and sarcastic, “genius”.

Neither, you understood the first comment, nor the second. Soon, this “conversation” is going to lose its purpose.

Well, i hope your arrogance doesn’t consume you in future.

Good luck bro. Peace. :v:

That was sarcastic thats why i laughed,

And also i better not get into arguement,
No one is perfect neither you neither me

Quit Instagram… That’s it >>> No need to do much research on it…You cannot block Instagram Algorithms, so easy way is to log out and don’t login again…

If you much concerned about your social isolation then stick to Facebook and Whatsapp, telegram that’s enough

I use only Whatsapp, telegram ,twitter ,YouTube and sometimes Reddit , that was enough social dose for me