What to do if you really wanna fap

Hey guys
I need some advise.
What do you do if you really wanna fap.
The current problem I have is that it isn’t an urge I’m used to (it’s not a fast rising need to fap which goes away after some time). So, all the typical things (shower, push ups, going outside and so on) don’t work.
It just doesn’t go away :persevere: (The day started amazing but since 4 hours I just can’t think of anything else)

Do you typically just try to distract yourself or do you have a better tip

You need to learn how to transmute your energy into other activities. What you are doing is just sitting there trying to deal with the urge. Energy is always moving and flowing. It is not meant to be stagnant in one spot. If you let it sit in one spot for a very long to. You will give it no choice but to build up and drive you crazy. And the only thing you would want to do is let it out (by ejaculating) instead of channelling it out through different ways by doing activities. Staying productive, trying new things. Go read and learn about sexual transmutation. It will give you an clearer insight on it. It will make things such easier. What’s the point of taking showers, going outside, or whatever when all you want to think about is watching porn? There’s no purpose, you might as well relapse then. But it will be different if you took a shower or went on a walk or whatever and changed your thoughts into something more positive. That’s transmuting your energy into something better. But theres always ways to overcome an urge. You have to be determined first, then have discipline. It’s either you want to change or not. If you relapse, you will feel like a pointless human being that will think you have no purpose on this earth. Depressed on why things is the way they are and not going the way they should be when it’s all your fault. Making sad posts, sad, down, and want to give up. All because you wanted to exchange a 5sec orgasm for a days worth of negative side effects. You need to put this dirty habit away now! You keep going back, you will never move forward. Its as simple as that. NoFapping!


I guess you are absolutely right.
I do spend so much energy on either figuring out how not to think of sex or just giving up trying and thinking about it.

I really should try to channel my energy. Thanks a lot for the hint.

Also what really annoys me is that I think “mmmh sex with her might be amazing”. But in fact I mean “it would be nice if I have pleasure while she is doing something with me”. I don’t care if she wants to as long as I am happy, which makes me vomit :nauseated_face:. I’m just sick of this damn ■■■■-ified view of “sex”

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