What to do if you can't even reach 7-10 days

Name - Jaskeerat
Gender - male
Age - 15
Sharing code - qjsagu

It happens with us, sometimes we just can’t do something. Either problems keep coming or we just lack will power. For example you started nofap but you can’t reach 7 days you relapse in the middle and you try again but same. One reason behind this is because you have some place or some time where your mind would always ask for it. Second is loneliness, you feel lonely and can’t control yourself. If these are the two reasons then start keeping your surroundings clean. Also take cold showers once or twice a day. For the second one just open your door and go outside take a small walk call up a friend and share it, share your problem and keep yourself open minded. The more you hide it the more problems you will encounter.

For any other reasons related feel free to message and ask me. I am eager to help everyone here.

Best wishes to all warriors


Good tips, thank you! Keep that in mind and continue fighting man, you’re doing very well. I would like to have your mind when I was your age, it’s an excellent choice that will help you for a very long time in you life. All the best!

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