What to do, I can't find a wayout since last 3 months?

Its 4 am I the morning , and I didn’t sleep till now . I don’t know why I’m not able to sleep since last 1 week , it seems like there is no point of doing anything .
Every day sleep then same boring day in front of books and then on screen and then it repeats again .

It seems like I have lost my purpose and all motivation in life .:expressionless::persevere::sweat:


Good morning @Gaelyang . I’ve just woken up. Fix your life dude. Find ways that work for you.Never settle. Dont let your life go astray. If not you then who??? If not now then when??


Its 4:50 in my country. Now Iam going to take cold shower then go for morning walk. @Gaelyang Burn like the sun to shine like the Sun. I want tosee you taking charge of your life. Dont waste time bro. Wasting time, procrastination is another precursor of relapse for me. Be aware!


I was through similiar situation in nofap.
What i have found out that a person that is unable to sleep one night properly keeps thinking that "what if i can’t sleep tonight? " This creates more anxiety. Don’t touch your phone after 9pm.
Don’t worry , you are just facing insomnia. Exhausht yourself by doing stuff throughout the day. It will resolve and u won’t even realize it!


Exercise. Some physical workout has to exhaust your body. It will help you sleep.

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My friend Jesus will help you we are all sinners and all fall short but there won’t be a purpose in life if you don’t know who made you and why​:heavy_check_mark::pray:God bless you


Thnx for all the advices, I’ll try what works for me.

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This is very normal situation in no fap bro…be rude
Now you have 2 choice.

  1. give up and accept your normal fapping life.
  2. be very rude on yourself. Tolerate the pain. Cry in the night but don’t give up. Find the solution.may be this situation is temporary. Deeply think about this.

Since you are on your initial Nofap streaks, some things are totally new in life and cause boredom.

I experienced the same thing previously, 3 to 4 streaks ago.
I lost purpose and grew overconfident, and then a hot debate started in my mind of continuing Nofap or relapsing.Its a weird thing to explain but I couldn’t feel anything in life, no purpose,nothing.

That’s because I hit flatline for the very first time in life.
I went emo about the mental stress and relapsed.

But now, Since I have grown accustomed to past streaks and have learnt a butt ton, I can deal with Nofap withdrawals better .

At the beginning of the month, I went through the toughest challenge in my life, studying for exams for a week, with 3 hours sleep everyday.
Previously, if I was fapping, I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress and let out by Fapping.
This time though, I used music.Every time I felt overwhelmed, I would take a 5 minute break and would jam in some dope ass music.

I recommend you find a substitute for fapping like music or exercing immediately when you feel stressed and would have used PMO but instead, you do the thing you like .


Stay strong broda, time is your best Sensei.


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