What PMO has done to me

I write this because I want you to know.

Before 2020 I never masterbated and never knew what it was. I learned about it by happenstance.

February 2020: I masterbated for the 1st time.

April 2020: First porn video viewed.

Today: August 2022

I am always tired and searching for a girlfriend to love me. No woman found. They always have boyfriends.

I am only turned on by the most attractive women I find online.

I can’t communicate with women in real life because of fear.

I get angry over stupid things I normally would let go.

I see no way out no matter what the advice I receive is. Nothing works for me.

I can only masterbate every 2 days because of the cycle. It take my body longer to make sperm.

My memory doesn’t work well. I barely can remember anything. It’s like nothing in life ever happened to me.

I see no purpose for my life. I see no value in myself.

I am always confused. Conversations and words I hear are never what people are trying to say to me.

My Dad is even more controlling than ever before. He and I argue more than I can remember.

As you can see, my life has only gotten worse since I started PMO.

Every 2 days I fail and literally have no control.

I need someone to message me every 2 days personally in the morning as that’s when I relapse to prevent me from relapse.


Its fine. Chill

Don’t take a toll of guilt even after relapse. I know it seems weird to say, but nofap is a single goal, its not the only goal you have. You should also focus on health, go to gym, wake up early, eat good, read good things for mental health. Spend time in nature.
Focus on skills, read, earn, improve, implement, think every step in real time and be happy with yourself.

Even if you relapse, it doesn’t mean you will deny yourself of other good things in your life, right? Even if you relapse, it doesn’t mean you have to be locked in a room with regret. Go out, meet people, eat, have a good sleep, whether relapsed or not.

Life has many aspects to it and as i know, nofap is a secret aspect to it. It doesn’t define your life as a whole. You can continue Nofap but your social life, your professional life, dont let nofap or relapse has affect on them. Even if you fail sometimes or relapse, you should still do the usual good things in your personal, social and professional life.

Understand others and make yourself happy too. If you go out with all your hearts open for others, you will automatically make friends.

As an example, If you go to gym, you will automatically make friends there if u engage with them nicely.
Smile, spread joy, be happy. And by smiling i dont mean fake smile. You will genuinely smile when you do things which make you feel good about yourself.

Everyone is suffering from something, nobody wants another persons trauma to affect their mood. That’s why always be happy, do things that make you happy even if nofap is not going that well.

There will surely come a point in life when your personal professional and social life will be so good that whether u relapse sometimes or not, it will have a minimal impact and also, at that point, you will be financially able to take a proper measure for this addiction.

Till then stay strong.
Make other aspects good. Make friends, be genuine in your approach. Dont overdo things for other too. Make yourself happy first. You owe no one nothin.

And for any problem this forum is here only.

BTW online friends are good, but they cant help you like your real friends can. That’s why
Real life >>> Online

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