What I've learned from my relapses

I’ve relapsed twice since I started to use this app. first at 12 days mark and then at 16 days. and now I’m in a 5 days streak again. what I’ve learned from my relapses is that now is surprisingly easy to achieve 5 to 7 days… I mean, like I almost don’t even notice how fast the days pass…

I see this as positive change, cause I used to think there was impossible to pass beyond 2 or 3 days tops. now the 1week streak seems like a piece of cake and I guess that’s a proof of a stronger will and mind.

So, in conclusion… If you are trying this for the first time as me (or for the first time in some certain time as many of you) is not bad if you relapse shortly after the begining, because your brain is being rewired. As long as you keep trying it will become easier.

Hugs to all


We will all win this battle together.


Nice thath you revonize that, I m on 35th day and for me the first week was the most difficult, what was against my other experiencies when the last weeks were the more (my hihger dtreak was 120 days). Keep increasing your streaks and soon as you can notice you’ll be a no fap veteran ahahaha


Hey @anon95821051 thanks for your support🐱

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You’ve got it Kate! Just stay committed and you’ll see it is life changing. God bless.

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Yey !Cool, thanks Edward !:cat: