What is your MBTI

Hello companions, today I want to share you the MBTI test. This is a personality test based on your psychological preferences. The test can be useful to know how we can help each other and also to know us better.
The short test is composed by four questions that determine our preferences. For example I am INFJ. This means that I chose: Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judment. Instead of Extraversion, Sensing, Thinking and perception. I am going to leave the questions here, (you can find it in famoustypes.com) so you can do the test and share your result here:

1. Where do you get your energy from?

E Extraverted: Through social interaction.

Act first, then think. Easily distracted and thinks out loud. Usually has a lot of friends.

I Introverted: Through solitude.

Think first, then act. Focused and reserved. Thinks to one’s self. Usually has a few close friends.

2. What do you trust more?

S Sensing: My 5 senses.

Practical, concrete, and realistic. Prefers real experiences and lives in the moment.

N Intuition: My instinct.

Theoretical, abstract, and imaginative. Prefers creative ideas and lives for the future.

3. How do you make decisions?

F Feeling: Based on feelings and emotion.

Harmonious and righteous. Follows gut-feeling. Has a warm appearance.

T Thinking: Based on logic and facts.

Honest and direct. Looks at the pro’s and con’s. Has a cold appearance.

4. What kind of lifestyle do you prefer?

P Perceiving: Having an open-ended schedule.

“Last-minute” person. Values flexibility. Likes to start things more than finishing them.

J Judging: Having a planned-out schedule.

Wants things to be decided ahead of time. Values organization. Likes to finish things more than starting them.


Looks like I’m INFP.

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ISTP , i like planned schedules but its difficult to follow a schedule


Well, you can find your pros and cons by searching on internet.

That is quite common in ISTP types. This is probably the most organized of the perceivers.

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Did you do this personality test.
It’s detailed. Take 10-15 min.
But pretty accurate imo.

Try guys.
At last , they also show the famous personalities who has same personality as yours.


Yes @Aragorn that test is more especific and is the official test to now your type, but personally I prefer the short test because it leads to the basics and you dont have much time to overthinking all the questions, also is more difficult to change the result if you are in a good or bad mood, but that’s a great page to read the descriptions, and a lot of people believe more in the large test. By the way, what is your mbti type?

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ESTP is my type from this test.

But there are some overlap.
I like schedule and plan thing well in advance. But at the same time, I am.more interested in starting a thing than finishing. So confused whether I belong to P or J in the fourth category.

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Very interesting! I got ENFJ on this test.


I got INTJ in both tests


I am a INTJ. …


The two types are really different! Try to read the descriptions and Dominant functions Fi vs Fe so you can choose with which one you identify more.

You are my opposite!
As I said later, STPs tend to be something like “organized perceptors” because of his STs preferences. But try to do the large test, so you can compare results.

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INTP here! Did it many many times, always INTP XD

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I’m an INFP. It looks like most people on here are introverted :thinking:

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It seems that most of us are INxx. We’re probably more likely to fall into porn addiction.