What is your idea of success? What do you want to achieve?

I’ve been trying to reconfigure my brain and my habits. And it occurred to me that I need to have the driving force. I wish to know about what drives you.
Please write all you wish. A very honest answer.

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My goal is to constantly improve as a person and to help the people around me.
That means, working in a field which is meaningful. Helping young people to succeed in their career and life. And most importantly learn from my failures and get better every day.

That means, finding joy in failure because only that can bring you one step further


I’m actually quite interested to hear what everyone’s view on success is! Good question @Nep_12


Bring on more folks!
I don’t think anyone signed up this application without any motives to succeed!

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How about your own view?
Share it too

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It may sound cringe for most of the people here but I’ll tell anyway :wink:

I don’t really measure success with the amount of money I make or the level of skill I possess or if I’m the “greatest” one in that field. For me success is doing whatever that makes me happy for the rest of my life, which can support me and my family. For me success is if I can still maintain my relationship with my family and friends and can still spend time with them, coz that’s what makes me the most happy.

A successful life for me would, be owning my own business some day in the future, living with my parents and taking care of them and providing them with the much required retirement, that they deserve, having my own family of my wife and 4 kids, all of us staying together in one house, in my community which makes up of my friends and relatives and neighbors, which as a whole I call home. Success will be when I can get home from work and go play with the Bois, and chill with them on weekends maybe. Teaching my kids what I have learned throughout my life and help nurture their interests.

Having a happy, family and community, in short is my success.


What drives me?

  • Aspirations. I wanna stand out from the crowd. I don’t wanna bow down in front of anybody. I command respect. So any dream that excites you is the one you should choose to pursue

Just focus on what scares you and excites you at the same time. That my frnd is your driving force

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If you don’t mind, will you be more specific?

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What do u aspire to be?

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There are 2 things I want to have
An unbreakable willpower
A genius level mind

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Follow simplest of rules then

  • For unbreakable will power, just focus on little things. Like being good at nofap. Finishing task at hand. In short, delay gratification
  • For great genius, Read and socialize

Being a guy who wastes a lot of time. I have realized that if you have a “Purpose”, tats enough. That will drive you

So what’s your purpose


It’s a long and elaborate thing
A bit unusual too.
I’m not sure if I can put that up in public like this

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U dont have to. Make it your purpose. Live like your life depends on fulfilling that purpose.

Have a do or die mindset.

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Well yes. I’ve tried hard to do this. Maybe I should be pushed to the brink of death and have enough strength to come out alive
What I want to achieve is pretty scary. And seemingly impossible too. I’m not sure at all whether I can achieve it. But maybe giving my best without being scared would suffice so it probably wouldn’t matter if I succeed of fail

Its scary. Not impossible. Unless it involves bringing someone up from dead

It is scary. It is difficult. You can do it. You will win

Thats what I read from what you wrote.

Winner mindset.

Ps: there should be no space for negativity

I honestly don’t know

But yes I want that to happen. I have to face my fears. I have to destroy them. I’m scared right now. I’m vulnerable. I’m procrastinating due to fear