What is the code that everyone talks about?

I’m new, can anyone explain what’s the deal with the code? I often read people saying : add me, my code is…??

Hi marshmello
If you have the app you can add someone to your companion list.
You can than see his streak and a status he’s writing.

It helps a lot since you wanna have a long streak together and everyone can see if you relapsed.

(in the app go to home -> my companions on the top right -> + on the bottom right -> add companion)

Thanks, mate!
How can I see my own code?

No problem
If you go to add companion you can see a field “your sharing code”

Ok, mine is 38ed5b. Add me, bruh!

I did :slight_smile:
Mine is 360e4e

But if you are new, why do you have a 19 days streak?

New on the app, not on Nofap

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