What is monk mode

Not sure what monk mode is but i am curious.

No PMO, no sex, no stimulating media at all. That generally means cutting out all social media, most tv, movies, video games, whatever else might convey sexualized or suggestive material. #copiedfromreddit

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Ok I see so it’s like ultra hard mode

These modes are all fine, the basic thing should be to remove lust from the system and rewiring the brain in order to embed this thinking for a long time.
And you must have some productive work to do so that you have somewhere to vent out this energy, frustration etc arising from not fapping.

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Yeah i have actually started reading books again since no fap and i forgot how enjoyable they can be. Life has a lot to offer and now that I’m not wasting it away on porn and masturbation I can see more of what there is.


Monk Mode is The state of being completely focused on and only on training. In monk mode, there are no women, no alcohol, no fun, ONLY training.
Example : Animal was going monk mode and therefore refused to be distracted, in any way, from his training.

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