What is hard mode?



I’ve seen a lot of post talking about a “hard mode” like if quitting porn and masturbation wasn’t enough, what is that?


It’s a nofap term and used to describe your goal. Hard Mode means no porn, no masturbation, and no orgasm (from sex or anywhere else).

It’s probably the most popular goal because many say its the goal that helps you Rewire the quickest.

Your goal determines what you consider a relapse as well.

Hope this answers your question. :raising_hand_man:t2:


Thank you, but… No sex? And If I have a girlfriend? :sweat_smile: I’m not gonna be doing hard mode I think jaja


Normal Mode is no porn, no masturbation, but you can have an orgasm (sex). If you have a girlfriend I’m sure you can still do nofap. Good luck. :+1:


If you want to kick the addiction, hard mode is what you need in your live, the struggle is very real but the result is worth more than gold or diamond