What is greatness to you?

I want everyone that sees this post to tell me what is greatness to them? What do you want from life? The ultimate goal maybe? I want to see if we are all the same in this big family.

For me, the ultimate goal in life is to be of value.

This includes all parts of life.
It goes from giving a smile to a stranger which means spreading happiness, to transfer my knowledge to other people, finding out new stuff which could help to cure diseases.
But again also normal things like giving advice to a friend. Helping someone when he feels down.

All these things, mean that you are of value and that you make the world a better place where we live together and help each other


I can see a bright future for you,people who have goals of making the world a better place are the ones that will change it.


For me greatness is doing what you love. To feel freedom, not being addicted.
By doing what you love I mean having passions, spending time wiith family, self improvement… Doing what you want with your life.


True, you have a point I hope we all have this freedom now and till the end.