What is flatline

Hey guys just wanted to know what is your flatline experience, how long did it last. What happened in between?


its just my libido at 0, i dont have any feeling at all to watch porn, masturbate or staring at women. Just dont try yourself at this stage and ignore them, later on your libido will back to normal. For me i think i got it almost 1 month maybe im not really sure


Same thing happening with me as well.


Hi @roxor
I hope that you are fine …

It’s when you need the highest level of dopamine and you didn’t find it …
Because of new habit that you are trying ,
It’s one of war types that you will have when you have big doubt (
Why I started this , am I happy with no fap )

Do not be alone

Try to learn new things and to be engaged all the time till you feel that you are proud (you feel the peace inside and you are not afraid you live with no fap and you enjoy it )

You will have it (be sure of this )
But what will make you strong with is your new habbits , new challenges in your life , not stop trying Everywhere and Everytime …

In the begins of no fap journey you will have passion to win this so use your passion to the highest level it will be your fuel in the beginning

In the middle you will find and explore this flatline (this voices that lead you to come back to your bad habbits) new habbits will make you stronger against this period , new habbits will be the best answer to win this battle :muscle:

After passing flateline peacefully
you will be the unstoppeballe one .



Very nicely put up by you @NhTbH
All you said is right.

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We will gain it day by day … :muscle:


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