What is a relpase?

Whenever I see some hot pic or video , in any ad or on tv my mind always says it’s an relapse and tell me it’s good to masturbate instead of without masturbating and reseting the counter .

I know masturbating is a relapse , but before this what my mind tells me that is watching a hot pic or video is a relapse or not ?

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relapse is somewhat getting a more realistic and natural definition as the days go on… And so far, the definition of it, based upon my knowledge, is:

A peek at porn is a relapse
An edging is a relapse
A masturbation is a relapse
An ejaculation is a relapse
A break from nofap is a relapse
A very long break from nofap is not a relapse, it’s already an addiction.
Relapse is essentially a break from being free of porn
To relapse is to waste your cells for porn’s or destruction’s or deterioration’s sake
Relapse is a break from a healthy, social, curious, rational and logical life
To relapse might be to be full of yourself that you thought, “I better test my nofap skills so let’s see if I have the ability to be not addicted after a masturbation!!!”
To relapse is to think life is monotonous
To relapse is to think that life is all about the future
To relapse is to get away from the present, to leave the problems of the present, to be away from the uncomfortable present, to be away from the challenges of the present, to be in your short-term-comfort zone, to lessen the pain the present gives you, etc.
To Relapse is to lessen your probability of becoming the highest potential of yourself
Relapse is a product of a misconception of the game we call life
To Relapse is to not progress in life
To relapse is, basically, to fail

Failing actually gives a pleasure. And that pleasure is temporary, but the pain that failing gives is with you until you want to try to progress

failing is different from failure. From the words themselves. Failing can be done by you, failure just happens itself. You can control yourself from failing. But failure is an unavoidable event; it belongs with the future. Although failure is inevitable, to try to progress is what humans do. What you want to do, do it. But if you have understood this, our enemy Ignorance has been defeated this round. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I didn’t got ur last line :thinking:

It means: it is okay to meet failure; just learn from it, and try again.